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## SECRET POST 018 and LAST.

This is the last secret post of this community !~
I had a lot of fun doing it for the past year and 2 months but I have to say, I'm starting to be lazy, most of the secrets don't make me laugh like the firsts one did, and I receive much less as well.
Anyway, I'll be much more busy in the future and I don't feel like keeping it.

matyaa is a Jpop fan, I'm a Kpop fan and we also both like Cpop... So when we created this we made it "asianpop" to have the most secrets as possible.
But as you have noticed I guess, Some time ago je_secrets had been created, since then we have almost no JE secret anymore. Much more recently kpopsecrets arrived and so I guess most of the kpop secrets will be there. Unfortunatly I can't keep this community alive with only Cpop and other Jpop artists, and as I said before I have less time in my hands and I'm lazy.

So here is the last post ! :) This community will not be deleted, to keep memories of some secrets which are, in my taste, really great. (I don't want to forget the KATTUN faggot tree :])

Thank you everyone for keeping this community alive with your secrets and comments during the past year !! ~ ♥ Have fun with the last one !

shinee, please.

40 other secretsCollapse )

- Discuss / argue / comment / wank / anything you want, about the secrets!
- Be lenient. This is an international community, everyone cannot be bilingual.
- This entry is unscreened. Everyone will see your comment.
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June 10 2008, 00:44:16 UTC 8 years ago

12. LOL!

16. Well said.

21. Hmm, they would be cute together, ahah!

27. Wondergirls are annoying skankhos, kthx.

04: -_- majority of koreans don't have double eyelids. that's considered "western" and the majority get plastic surgery to get double eyelids. even my korean friends here in america say they'll get it when they're older. even my mom approves.

rest made me lol. lol.
Pffttt @ Jaejoong hating secrets - He's shorter than Changmin and Yunho. It's only natural he'd seem unproportional than them. (But daymn, Changmin... 8D ♥) I'd take conceited, blunt, & loud Jaejoong over quiet, enigmatic, & emo Jaejoong ANYDAY.

SNSD... eh, I wonder what will happen when they're in their 20's.

♥ Soo Young. She needs more lovin'
*It's only natural that he's unproportional compared to them.
04. Agreed; she -does- have a good voice.
13. Sad, but I agree with this. :3
16. People bashed CSJH?! Um, please get a reality check. I haven't seen -one- bashing against CSJH. They're talented and everybody agrees.
18. Agreed. And very pretty image. :D
20. I don't get it either... :3
32. Word so much. I like him for his voice not his body. :(
34. A little harsh, but I kinda agree with some points... And I think I know who you are. XDD;

And awwwwh, no more of this community! :(
i disagree. i see a couple now and then bashing certain members and what not.


June 10 2008, 07:20:29 UTC 8 years ago

You need a reality check. CSJH is gorgeous and talented and about a billion times better than SNSD will ever be, so OF COURSE they're gonna have people who hate them. I'm surprised people don't hate them / are jealous of them more, actually. There's a lot of individual bashing on the members too. I'm sure I've seen you bash on Stephanie at least once in this community.

We're in agreement than SNSD sucks though.
Me bash Stephanie? Have you mistaken me for someone else?


8 years ago


June 11 2008, 02:35:32 UTC 8 years ago

15. is missatralissa
no. it's mine.


8 years ago


8 years ago


8 years ago


Ah last post ;w;


June 17 2008, 06:04:10 UTC 8 years ago

3 - They are best friends after all (supposedly)
12 - A thin line separates hatred from love. LOL I don't get jae-haters who are dbsk fans because come on: he sings most of the stuff in 75% of their songs. Unless of course, you like the band for things other than their music.
21 - A lot of the stuff they said in that interview was pure fanservice. But alot of the things they do, like go out together exclusively, touch each other all the time even when they don't know there are cameras around etc. etc. point out that there's definitely something there. But get married? They'd get lynched in Korea and never be able to show their face in public.
22 - Sunghee was the only reason I ever paid attention to KARA.
us voice ^^
32 - Frankly, if he doesn't have it, he shouldn't flaunt it. I'm sort of ignoring pictures of him half-naked because they look fug and I don't want to lose the respect I have for him as a performer.
38 - Actually, I had this huge dislike for the guy when I first got into Suju. But over time he's mellowed and I guess I've become used to his eccentricities as well.
He's going to make ME vey ahppy one day *gets stabbed by fan girls*
This is such a great comm :(
oh well, thanks for all the previous works that you've done. I've just spent 374373575 hours reading though them all
i know i'm late but OMG WHO DID #14.
Thanks for the year of great laughs.
24. I thought Jaejoong was actually more beautiful in person than he was in pictures, honestly. Especially when he's smiling instead of trying to zone out the fangirls.

25. I agree that Son Ho Young was the best performance and that Yunho was amazing the entire weekend. But rather than find them boring, I felt sad that I hadn't gotten to see them before they developed such a distance and weariness with their fangirls. and in person, Junsu is so scary!.

26. I've never found Rain talented or attractive. I was quite surprised to find out that he'd been the cute, slashable Asian in Speed Racer. I tried to give him another shot musically after that, but he's still bleh.

37. Changmin is amazing.
lulz@the hate on jaejoong. that's fail. jaejoong = win.

#13. LULZ. capitalLULZ@fug-fany. amen. but capitalNO@jaejoong. ^
#15. o___O i didn't know india was a part of asia. blame my fail geography?
#16. AMEN. expecially the whole talentless shit.
#17. ugh, i haven't even watched haptic cf yet, and am not planning to. shaddup, i'ma keep being jealous ;-;
#18. AMEN! ...except for the part about suju, but snsd are like srsly overrated. can't sing. use that money on csjh, i agree so hard. except yuri, i like her.
#21. bahaha. yesprz.
#22. kara are like epic fail. and that's why i like them x] especially "the really cute one". ^^
#23. who's this ajoo?
#28. stfu, ho. can't stand it, gtfo.
#30. ...o__O; i don't get it.
#32. that was so cute the way you ranted that : DDD slut!junsu. omg, that sounds hot... brb while i feed my mind with some slut!su fanfics.
#33. -pokes cheeks-, that is all.
#34. OMFGILY♥. sonyuhshitdae, that's gold <3
#35. ew. i dun like wg, except for sunye/sohee/yeeun. stfu sunmi/yoobin.
#41. ohmygoodlord. i need some moar. omg, that's .. hot. ;dDDdDDD junsu <333333
...and one more thing, i was just getting into this comm D`:


November 11 2008, 04:21:50 UTC 8 years ago

You guys didn't have to close the community. Why couldn't you just pass it along to someone who has time to manage? Wouldn't that make more sense?

have you read what I wrote ? All the secrets are posted in other place..

check je_secrets and kpopsecrets


November 17 2008, 20:37:35 UTC 8 years ago

But why not have someone else revive Asianpopsecret? I think it's better to have a general secret community for all Asian music so that way there's more variety. Kpop secrets barely has any secrets now this community has been shut down.


8 years ago


November 28 2008, 12:59:16 UTC 8 years ago

#41: Girl's have urges and desires too. Especially naughty thoughts.
I agree with number 31! XD


October 30 2009, 08:36:26 UTC 7 years ago

Agreed. She looks like a retard trying to look like a beauty.
He deserves as much love. ♥
Henry Hwaiting!

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