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## SECRET POST 018 and LAST.

This is the last secret post of this community !~
I had a lot of fun doing it for the past year and 2 months but I have to say, I'm starting to be lazy, most of the secrets don't make me laugh like the firsts one did, and I receive much less as well.
Anyway, I'll be much more busy in the future and I don't feel like keeping it.

matyaa is a Jpop fan, I'm a Kpop fan and we also both like Cpop... So when we created this we made it "asianpop" to have the most secrets as possible.
But as you have noticed I guess, Some time ago je_secrets had been created, since then we have almost no JE secret anymore. Much more recently kpopsecrets arrived and so I guess most of the kpop secrets will be there. Unfortunatly I can't keep this community alive with only Cpop and other Jpop artists, and as I said before I have less time in my hands and I'm lazy.

So here is the last post ! :) This community will not be deleted, to keep memories of some secrets which are, in my taste, really great. (I don't want to forget the KATTUN faggot tree :])

Thank you everyone for keeping this community alive with your secrets and comments during the past year !! ~ ♥ Have fun with the last one !

shinee, please.

40 other secretsCollapse )

- Discuss / argue / comment / wank / anything you want, about the secrets!
- Be lenient. This is an international community, everyone cannot be bilingual.
- This entry is unscreened. Everyone will see your comment.
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