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Submission post 07 !

Here is where you post your secrets.

o1. Don't forget to read the rules
o2. Don't forget to post here anonymous ! Or the mods will be able to see that it's YOUR secret. We are not going to say it anyway, but still....
o3. 700*500 MAX for your picture !
o4. You can upload the pictures for your secret at imageshack, photobucket (if your username isn't the name of the photobucket account... obviously XD ), tinypic
o5. JPG and GIF only, no BMP or PNG please ! (Some people can't see PNG pictures.-don't ask me why :D-)
o6. You can post as many secrets as you want.
o7. Don't forget to put a title to your image, don't post the image only.
o8. Please, try to make your secret CLEAR ! that means not too small font, and colors which can be seen without difficulties on the pictures ! It would be beter for everyone :) thank you !

About commenting anonymously, you know you don't have to logout, just check "anonymous" , or if you can't see this option, click on "more option" then, you will be able to do it :D

Submission format :

http://URL-of-your-image.jpg [link for your secret]
Super Junior and me[name or title for your secret]

A submission post example : here
A secret post example : here

Last thing : Remember this is a SECRET POST community. No need of 459 secrets about your love for someone (same for the hate secrets)
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